Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bruce Castor, Charmer

Last August the Bryn Mawr Patch site ran an article on the Montgomery County commissioner's race, "Commissioner candidates trade barbs ..." by Keith Heffintrayer and Somer Wiggins (9/03). It ended with this quote from Republican incumbent Bruce Castor, regarding the multiple offices opened by the Josh Shapiro / Leslie Richards campaign

"Clubhouses, T-shirts, stickers and balloons do not make a campaign.  Voters are wise to the whole ‘hope and change’ thing. Without ideas, this is just fluff to give the appearance of substance where none exists. I hope their rent's high," Castor said.

It's the norm for candidates to disagree with each other and to think their opponents strategy is flawed.  But wishing their rent is high?  That seems just petty and mean.

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