Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lobbyist Reform Live

Trying to avoid finishing a work project that should have been done before I left the office, I'm watching the live house proceedings on PCN. From what I can tell the Senate passed a lobbyist reform bill but voted on a different version of the bill than they thought they had. The "wrong" bill then came over to the House and they are currently discussing whether or not to vote on that bill or the "right" bill. Rep. Vitali (my hero) wants tougher lobbying reform. Rep. Maher wants to get on with what they have at hand. I know it is late and they have all been talking about this much longer than I have been watching but Maher seems a little condescending. Bill DeWeese pipes in now and then to throw around some big words. He has already quoted (Otto von) Bismarck, with an explanation of who Bismarck was.

I fear the whole thing will be tossed out because the bill numbers were wrong. Not that I distrust any of these folks mind you, especially when it comes to lobbyist reform.

Now, back to work.

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