Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fitzpatrick and Patrick Murphy on Smerconish Radio Show

This morning on AM1210, Michael Smerconish spoke with Republican Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, running for reelection in the 8th congressional district (Bucks County and a bit of Philly and Montgomery County) and his Democrat opponent Patrick Murphy. Both candidates were late getting to the studio because of traffic problems. Smerconish asked if their cars had been next to each other on the road. They said no.

I heard most of the discussion, the radio providing background for the packing of lunches and other school and work preparations. I may have missed the last question or closing remarks.

Smerconish opened by asking about Rep. Mark Foley of Florida who resigned from Congress on Friday after suggestive emails he sent to a teenage male page.

MF: He has written a letter about this [I missed who the letter was to] and is asking for an independent Department of Justice investigation. He said he had not spent much time with the gentleman [meaning Foley].

PM: He suggests Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, resign.

Smerconish: Should we build a fence along the southern border of the US?

PM: Yes, and institute other security measures.

MF: Yes, and institute other security measures.

Smerconish: The estate tax is un-American and should be abolished.

MF: Agree. Individuals who have saved their whole lives and want to give something to the next generation should be able to. Mentions family farms.

PM: What is un-American is borrowing money from China, increasing the deficit. Only 234 families in Pennsylvania are affected by the cuts on the estate tax. He would be for reducing the estate tax if there were no deficit. It is a time of shared sacrifice.

Smerconish: Congress had no business getting involved in the Schiavo case

PM: Agree

MF: Her parents had the right to access the court system.

Smerconish: Should we take into account the similarities, race, appearance, gender, etc. of the 9/11 terrorists and target security measures towards young Arab males.

PM: Yes but we need random searches also. Mentions also the need to protect mass transit.

MF: Yes, mentions he has read Smerconish’s book Flying Blind

Smerconish: Should we establish a timeline for troop withdrawal from Iraq?

MF: “Cut and run” is a media term. He could go along with a goal-oriented strategy if the generals on the ground say it is a good plan.

PM: MF has called him a “cut and run” liberal in mailings. He agrees with the timeline approach.

Smerconish: Dunkin Donuts or [I missed this]

Both: Dunkin Donuts

Smerconish: Fox or CNN

MF: Fox


Smerconish: Last book [or good book] read?

MF: While Europe Slept

PM: [I missed the title] by James Carville

Smerconish: Caddyshack, up or down?

MF: down (but agreed that when in college he would have said “up.”)

Smerconish: Animal House, up or down?

PM: up

Smerconish: Favorite album?

Both: Springsteen’s Born to Run

Smerconish: What is one thing you would compliment the other on?

PM: MF is a good family man.

MF: Appreciates PM’s service to his country.

Smerconish: Use of FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) to spy on the bad guys?

MF: It works under certain circumstances, but is paperwork intensive. The president briefed Congress and Congress is happy with the methods he suggested.

PM: Mentions 4th Amendment. FISA allows you to go back 3 days later and say the surveillance was done. This may not be such a good idea.

Smerconish: Is it okay to waterboard [I missed the Arabic sounding name]?

PM: Americans should neither conduct nor condone torture. In the paper people have surrendered to the US because they knew they would be treated well. The military is a profession and should not use torture. From an academic and strategic standpoint torture doesn’t work well.

MF: People want to know what the rules are, what is and isn’t proper.

At this point we had to leave so I could get the kids to school on time but I think they were wrapping up.

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phillydem said...

Murphy's answers on immigration and
racial profiling were disappointing to me.