Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Even More Endorsements

Jeff Albert has been endorsed by the Bucks County Courier Times for the 12th state senate district. excerpt:

He is a reformer and speaks to the need for reform in Harrisburg. His patient delivery and meticulous accounting of the Legislature’s deficiencies is compelling. A proponent of the Keystone Contract mentioned above, Albert is indeed an uncommon and impressive candidate.

The Intelligencer has also endorsed Mike Paston for the 152nd state house seat. excerpt:
Our short meeting revealed two good candidates of different temperament and demeanor. We liked Paston's fire and the edge we think he'll bring to the job in Harrisburg.

The Morning Call is recommending Russ Shade for the 183rd state house seat. excerpt:
In challenging Mrs. Harhart's incumbency, his issue is reform, and he is persuasive on the point that voters who want Harrisburg to be more accountable should send him there. He wants to expand the state's open records laws to apply to the Legislature itself. This would include transparent accounting of the leadership accounts that the caucus chairs use to enforce party discipline. He would pursue a smaller Legislature and would downsize the benefits that members now get. And, he would require first-dollar reporting of expenditures by Harrisburg's intrepid corps of lobbyists.

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