Monday, January 24, 2011

Stephanie Singer To Announce for City Commissioner

According to my inbox, tomorrow morning Stephanie Singer will formally launch her campaign for city commissioner. This is not the Philadelphia city council but the Philadelphia city commission, a three person board that oversees elections. Singer has a PhD in math and, according to Philadelphia Weekly (Aaron Kase, "Candidates for city commission speak up," 1/05/2011):

Also ready to campaign is Stephanie Singer, Democratic 8th ward leader. Singer, 46, is a data strategist for Athenian Properties, a real-estate services company based in Center City. Fed up with the Commission’s refusal to post any useful information online, Singer created her own website to display election results, She also sued the Commission to get results up in a more timely manner.


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Unknown said...

Doesn't Ms. Singer realize that the incumbent is a senior citizen who does not evidently have a grasp of such things as computers, competent public service, and the public good. Obviously Miss Singer expects too much from the elected officials of Philadelphia. The fact that she hasn't yet been indicted of anything is proof that she should have this job for as long as she lives. In fact, even longer, as there has been a precedent to elect the deceased.

Yep. If the people who give a darn don't come out to vote and bring their neighbors, then they might as well do the looting themselves.