Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Singer Announcement

from the inbox:

Close supporters of Stephanie Singer (D), candidate for Philadelphia's City Commissioner, gathered today with members of the press to hear Singer's official announcement entering the City Commissioner's race. ." Singer's father, who worked to protect Voting Rights in Mississippi during the 1960's, stood by her side as she gave her announcement speech.

"If you elect me Commissioner, I will be a crusader against corruption," Singer said. Singer also proposed ending over 35 years of abuse in Philadelphia elections by calling to end the elected office of City Commissioner.. "I will take the politics out of our elections by getting rid of elected Commissioners and putting Philadelphia elections in the hands of nonpartisan professionals."

Singer continued, "The City Commissioners Office is responsible for registering voters, educating voters, and conducting elections. That office should be protecting every Philadelphian’s right to vote. Instead, that office is part of the problem. That office is the root of the problem. Voters are sick and tired of the corruption, waste and disenfranchisement."

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