Monday, January 31, 2011

Schwartz Reception

Allyson Schwartz hosts an annual reception to thank her campaign volunteers and supporters. This year's event was held this evening. I didn't volunteer on her campaign and don't think I gave her any money either but the event was free so I crashed it. When I was there an assortment of candidates were around -- Councilman Bill Green (At Large), candidate Sherrie Cohen (At Large City Council), possibly Andy Toy (At Large City Council, not sure if that was him). There were probably others that I didn't recognize (I go by name tags to avoid mistaken identity). The food was good; I can vouch for the meatball sandwich. The bartender said he was going to cut me after after my second water refill (it was a joke). (If I had known my train would get stuck on the tracks on the way home I wouldn't have had so much to drink). Schwartz made brief remarks, introduced by former Congressman Bob Borski. Schwartz acknowledged the Democratic losses in the last election, and noted that she also lost her seat on the Ways and Means Committee. She noted the number of people who call her office wanting to take advantage of the new health care reforms, for example, putting children in their early 20s on their insurance policy.

It was a nice event.

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