Sunday, December 30, 2007

PA in the WSJ

This is a list of articles regarding Pennsylvania in this week's Wall Street Journal. Chances are I missed something, but these are the articles that caught my eye.

It should be noted that I routinely do not read the editorials in the WSJ. So any discussions of the state, its elected officials, businesses, or citizens, in editorials will not be mentioned here.

PA Politicians

Our folks kept a low profile this week.

PA Businesses

This week’s requisite Mark Zandi (of Moody’s in West Chester) quote comes in “Pace of decline in home prices sets a record,” by James R. Hagerty and Kelly Evans (12/27)

The sale of the Pittsburgh pirates is mentioned in “Despite woes, McClatchy banks on newspapers,” by Steve Stecklow (12/26)

Brief mentions: Universal Stainless & Alloy Products, located in Bridgeville (12/27)
General Nutrition Centers in Pittsburgh (12/24)

Other PA

Allegheny College in Meadville, Pa, is mentioned in “Bucking privacy concerns, Cornell acts as watchdog,” by Elizabeth Bernstein (12/28)

Other Interesting Tidbits

From “Midlevel officers show enterprise, helping U.S. reduce violence in Iraq,” by Greg Jaffe (12/29), we find this paragraph:

These mostly junior and midlevel officers – many on their second and third tours of duty in Iraq – literally build walls to separate warring Sunnis and Shiites. They fought to re-open banks and clinics in the face of an often indifferent central government. Most important, they sought out local power brokers, courted them with reconstruction contracts, and helped them build neighborhood security forces. In short: they improvised.

Take a moment over this coming New Year’s holiday to make a resolution that these hard working men and women come home safe and sound and soon.

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