Sunday, December 09, 2007

PA in the WSJ

This is a list of articles regarding Pennsylvania in this week's Wall Street Journal. Chances are I missed something, but these are the articles that caught my eye.

It should be noted that I routinely do not read the editorials in the WSJ. So any discussions of the state, its elected officials, businesses, or citizens, in editorials will not be mentioned here.

PA Politicians

For good or ill, our folks stayed out of the papers again this week.

PA Businesses

A Cintas laundry outside Pittsburgh is mentioned in “Safety issues beset industrial laundries,” by Kris Maher (12/05)

Patrick Barron a business consultant in West Chester is quoted in “Some cry foul over relief plan for borrowers,” by Sudeep Reddy, Douglas Belkin and Jonathan Karp (12/04).

“Hershey rating is cut by Moody’s,” (12/04)

“Toll Brothers likely has to face the music,” by Michael Corkery (12/06)

“Toll Brothers sees some relief from Bush plan but issues a grim forecast,” by Michael Corkery and John Spence (12/07)

American Eagle is among the chains listed in “Retail chains record mixed sales,” by Mary Ellen Lloyd (12/07)

“Toll gains; Nordstrom moves up,” by Karen Talley (12/07)

Other PA

Moises Chan, a physicist at Penn State, needs helium, as noted in “As demand balloons, helium is in short supply,” by Ana Campoy (12/05)

Philadelphia is included in a map but not mentioned in “Why every day isn’t a holiday for air travel,” by Scott McCartney (12/04), on the opening of military airspace for busy air travel days.

A Penn State study on the health benefits of garlic is mentioned in “Finding the true power of a pungent bulb,” by Laura Johannes (12/04)

A University of Pittsburgh researcher and a Homestead, PA resident are mentioned or quoted in “The graying of shock therapy,” by Shirley S. Wang (12/04).

The Pittsburgh court is deciding whether or not to allow the U.S. trustee for Pennsylvania to depose a Countrywide Financial Corp. executive; see “U.S. expands scrutiny of home lenders,” by Amir Efrati (12/03)

In “Lessons learned from a wild year,” by Carolyn Cuti, John Bogle of Vanguard, and Jeremy Siegel of the Wharton School are among the 12 experts giving advice. Others may have had PA connections as well, those are just the ones I could pinpoint.

Russian immigrants in Philadelphia are among the immigrant groups mentioned in “How subprime-loan mess hit poor immigrant groups,” by Jonathan Karp and Miriam Jordan (12/06)

J. Peter Rubin, a Pittsburgh plastic surgeon is quoted in “Evidence grows that consumers are pulling back.” By Rhonda L. Rundle and Kelly Evans (12/08)

Other Interesting Tidbits

Something I view as a disturbing trend, the growth of professional fundraisers in lower levels of political campaigning, is outlined in “Fund-raising brokers reshape U.S. campaigns,” by Christopher Cooper (12/05)

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