Monday, December 17, 2007

My Blogging Space

Fellow blogger PSOTD challenged a long list of bloggers, myself included, to post a photo of where they blog. Interesting idea. Not practical in my case. Initially I blogged from the only pc in the house, using a dial up connection. Later we added dsl. About 18 months ago we bought a laptop. I try to maintain the fiction that it is the household laptop but no one really believes that. It is Mom's laptop and Mr. J asks if it is okay before he takes it to meetings or wherever. The children know better than to touch it. About the same time we acquired wireless in the house.

So that is my blogspace, the house. And I seldom blog in just one place on any given day. Trying to do anything before the kids are asleep requires moving from room to room either to follow them or escape them as the case may be. Fairly often I am sitting on the floor with a scattering of source material around me. There is some vanity in being past 45 and still able to sit cross-legged comfortably for any length of time. Often I start at the dining room table and eventually move to the den. The house isn't large enough for there to be a separate home office so I carry the home office around with me. It's a Gateway, on sale at Best Buy when the model was discontinued or the store was going to stop carrying it.

My favorite blogging spot, though, is the sofa. Sometimes Mr. J and I will have the time to sit together, each of us with our backs to one end and our feet stretched out in front of us, towards the other person. I'll have the laptop and he will be listening to music or reading the paper. It is very cozy though I have noticed that in recent years the sofa seems to be getting narrower.


Anonymous said...

That photo is very, very, very tiny.

AboveAvgJane said...

The visual arts are my speciality. I used have have a camera attachment on my palm pilot but all the photos came out blurry, until someone pointed out that I was holding it wrong and taking pictures of my eye. That was my last foray into photography.