Thursday, November 08, 2007

Off Topic: Remember Your First Paycheck?

Remember your first paying job or, for those fortunate enough to find one, an intriguing internship? The media and city officials have often mentioned how important jobs and job training are to the youth of Philadelphia.

A note showed up in my inbox this week mentioning a website designed to match up city teens with entry level jobs or internships:

We're here to help young people find jobs. It's tough out there to earn that first paycheck but we're here to make it easier. is a job posting website for teens by teens. Check out this website to find job postings near you, as well as job advice, and other useful employment resources.

By following our advice and applying to one of the jobs we've posted, we believe you'll get a little closer to earning your first paycheck.

We're going to be constantly updating our site and adding jobs, so keep checking for job advice and job postings for teens like you!

I don't know anything else about it but it sounds intriguing.

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