Monday, June 25, 2007

PA in the WSJ

We’re having a lull, or else I'm missing a lot.

PA Politicians

Our officials remain very quiet.

PA Businesses

Brief mentions: Starcite a meetings management company in Philadelphia (6/18). There was another brief mention in Thursday’s paper but I’ve now lost the B section and can’t tell you what it was.

The Carlton, a Pittsburgh restaurant is this weeks “Power Table” (6/23)

Other PA

In a wonderful and terrible article about an archive of letters written to the Sanitary Commission during the Civil War, Thomas York of Allegheny is quoted as writing an anguished note asking for news of his 13 year old son who had run off to be a soldier. Annie Mecann of Jenkintown’s search for her brother and the Hospital Directory office in Philadelphia are also mentioned. (“Civil War letters shed light on pain of troop’s family,” by Ianthe Jeanne Dugan 6/22)

Several PA experts quoted this week.

A University of Pittsburgh study on caregivers cited in “Companies help employees cope with caring for parents,” by Sue Shellenbarger (6/21)

Also on the 21st in Shellenbarger’s Work & Family Mailbox, Doughas J. Matthews of Philadelphia’s Right Management and Kenneth R. Ginsburg of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are quoted.

A review of the book “Girls Gone Mild” by Wendy Shalit, Pia Catton reviewer (6/23) mentions a group of Pittsburgh girls who, in 2005 started a boycott of Abercrombie & Fitch, protesting, among other things, t-shirts with “Who needs brains when you have these” written across the front. Let’s hear it for the girls! And shame on you, A&F!

Other Interesting Tidbits

Note this paragraph from “Feeding the Watchdogs,” by David Rogers (6/22):

After devoting months to oversight hearings, House Democrats are steering millions of dollars to inspectors general and regulatory agencies they hope will be their ears and eyes – and even allies – in the executive branch.

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