Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Prank Calls

Yesterday I received not one but two political spam phone calls. The first was from some nice lady who wanted me to donate money to Al Franken's senate campaign. It was one of those calls where the caller assumes the person who answers is an easily led idiot. She dropped a lot of rhetoric with leading questions. I told her I preferred to keep my political donations closer to home. She did not take no for an answer easily. One thing to wonder about -- where did they get my phone number and why are they calling me?

The second call came from a research company, one of those surveys. The questions were poorly formed, things like "Is the country going in the right direction?" When I asked in what regard she just skipped over it to the next question. The research company is well known so I was surprised when I had to help her pronounce some of the words in the questions. For example, she asked if I considered myself a born-again or evengee, elevang... "Evangelical?," I suggested. Yes that was it. Part of the training for any survey should be making sure the people reading the questions can actually read the questions.


Albert said...

wow, franken's campaign is already calling in the philly area?!

and good god, can a political poller pronounce a general political lexicon correctly?

Anonymous said...

Yep, they're calling as I got a fundraising call as well. The guy on the other end of the call had a definite Minnesota accent. I suppose the Franken campaign got their list from the DNC or DSCC.

AboveAvgJane said...

I was suprised they were calling so far afield, too. Also surprised that the poller couldn't pronounce evangelical. It's a pretty basic word for those in political circles, or even though who frequently read the papers.