Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Faith in Politics: Call for Participation

It has been said many times by many people that the Democratic Party does not have the same kind of connection to its religious party faithful as the GOP does. It may be that party leaders do not understand the beliefs of constituents and voters. It may be that there is no agreement among Democrats as there is among the evangelical wing of the Republican party. It may be that there is a greater diversity of belief among Republicans than is represented in the media.

In an effort to explore the connection between religious faith and politics, if there is one, I am asking bloggers, especially political bloggers, but others are welcome as well, to post an entry on or around Martin Luther King’s birthday (Monday, January 16, 2006) discussing how their beliefs, if they have any, impact their political inclinations, voting behavior, and what candidates they support. What suggestions would you have for the party of your choice, to reach out to and connect with the party faithful. Perhaps we will see consistent threads among the postings that will give some idea what issues resonate. Perhaps not, but we won’t know unless we try. Please consider posting something along these lines. If you aren’t sure what such a posting would look like I am providing links to two posts from late 2005. One is philosophical while the other is more personal. They are not given as templates for people to follow but merely to start the conversation.

Flavia Colgan

Apt. 2024


United We Lay said...

What if we're not religious? I can post on how my lack of faith influences y politics. Does that count?

Anonymous said...

I'll participate, Jane. Once I've got something posted, I'll let you know.

Marisa said...

Hey Jane, thanks for considering my little post to be a worthy example. I'm going to put something up on January 16th, and I've got a post up now asking others to participate.

jay lassiter said...

hey, thanks for taking initiative on this one. it's a good idea and there is plently of time to pull something together.

AboveAvgJane said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Polanco, absolutely feel free to write on how not having religous beliefs affects your politics, it will be a welcome addition to the conversation.

I hope a lot of people will post blog entries on the subject and that others will chime in with comments. I also hope party leaders will pay attention to what is said, whatever that may be!