Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Unvouchered Expenses to End!!!

PoliticsPA is reporting that the state legislature will vote to put an end to the unvouchered expenses that has allowed sitting legislators to take the newly voted pay raise now instead of waiting until it legally starts in the next session. Cross your fingers and say a prayer. This would be great news!


Anonymous said...

Jane - Word around the House is that it will become a reality - and quickly, possibly before November 8th (election day)! The "Upper Chamber" took the ball and ran with it, and if it's a go there, it would only be in the best interest of the House to go along (of course, that involves logic and it makes sense, so my words may be moot)

But i'm wondering what happens to the money that was donated to charity? Do they have to give it back? No doubt the bill is filled with loopholes but it's something.

Take care and keep an eye out!


AboveAvgJane said...


Thanks for the inside scoop, especially that comment on logic and sense. I think I remember seeing in the Inky that the repeal wouldn't be retroactive. In other words, people wouldn't have to return the money already received, they just couldn't get any more. We'll have to wait and see.

AboveAvgJane said...

Insult Comic Dog,

I couldn't speak to their wingnut status, having never met them, but, in this case, it appears that their information was correct. I have found that it usually is, which is why I am comfortable linking to it.

ACM said...

I hate to rain on Betty, but if Perzel didn't know anything about this until the reporters asked him, then I wouldn't hold my breath. So far, it looks like a couple of worried Senators trying to tag an amendment onto random legislation to appease their constituents, but the leadership is notable in their silence, and the Dems would only meet about it in a closed room without even aides to decipher the yelling...

color me unconvinced.