Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Political News Update

For those whose thoughts are still on politics here are a few tidbits (of course, if you are that involved, you probably know this already):

New Santorum/Casey poll. Santorum leads among Republicans (go figure), those who think abortion should be outlawed in all cases, and those who don't believe in evolution. Otherwise, Casey is ahead. Take a look at the age breakdown. Unless I misread it, the young folk seem to be more red than blue in this case.

Paul Lang has decided to run for state senate. This strikes me as an excellent idea and helps clear the way for Patrick Murphy in the 8th congressional district. Young Philly Politics has more.


Anonymous said...

Lang is a bright spot among this year's field. The guy is damn qualified with an academy degree and serious military background (he did something with the depart. of homeland security). He should do well.
Murphy still isn't out of trouble yet. he's got andy warren (an old-timer with lots of friends) to contend with. I would like to know if lang is endorsing any of them.

Anonymous said...

Amen to Paul Lang and Patrick Murphy!
Paul is a dynamic speaker and ready to change harrisuburg.
I wish him and patrick the best!