Sunday, November 27, 2005

Reason #59 to Wear Bike Helmets

You and the spouse have taken your kids and a few others out to an unused parking lot to ride bikes. Your child is zooming along, just ahead of a friend in a race. Your child hits something on the pavement and goes flying. The friend can't stop and runs over your child. Runs over your child's head. Your spouse gets their first and the two of you assess the damage. No marks, the fingers can bend, just fear and tears. You look at your child's helmet. The area near the temple is a little dented and there is a skid mark over the top. Thank you thank you thank you to whoever invented bike helmets and to the legislators who make it mandatory for kids to wear them.


Albert said...

now go get another helmet! that one's fulfilled it's protection duties.

DanielUA said...

Albert is right... Helmets are good for one crash only. After that, they need to be replaced.

AboveAvgJane said...

Thanks, guys, I didn't know about the "one crash per helmet" rule. We'll get a new one.