Friday, May 13, 2011

Treatman's Statement on Miller Raid

from the inbox:

8th District City Council candidate Howard Treatman released the following statement in reaction to the apparent raid of Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller’s office by the Philadelphia Board of Ethics.

“The media reported today that the Ethics Board is investigating Councilwoman Miller’s office for using taxpayer funded resources to influence the 8th District Council race. We don’t know all the facts yet, but if the news reports are true, this is yet another example of the kind of back-room politics that I’ve been running against in this campaign. Using a City Council office for political purposes is illegal and unethical, but it’s no surprise to hear that it goes on. Councilwoman Miller should be open and forthright about this misstep and tell the people of the 8th District what happened.”

At 1:37 PM today, the Philadelphia Daily News blog Philly Clout reported that the Board of Ethics raided Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller’s office for evidence that taxpayer owned resources were being used to produce campaign material for City Council candidate Verna Tyner. The blog also reported that Councilwoman Miller’s endorsement of Tyner was sent out Tuesday on City Council stationary.

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