Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hanger Endorses Murphy

from the inbox:

Today, John Hanger, former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, endorsed Iraq war veteran and former Congressman Patrick Murphy for Pennsylvania Attorney General.

“When it comes to issues like public health and the environment, the battleground has clearly shifted to the states. That is why Pennsylvania needs a leader like Patrick Murphy – someone who will stop at nothing to keep Pennsylvania families safe from all threats to public safety,” said Hanger. “Patrick believes in a comprehensive approach to fighting crime, which means investing in education to give young people opportunities, and keep them out of the criminal justice system.”

“Pennsylvania is presented with significant challenges, but also tremendous opportunities. Patrick understands that we need a balance,” said Hanger. “On natural gas, he understands that drilling in the Marcellus Shale has huge economic potential and could aid in the development of cleaner energy, but he knows we need to do it right. That means making sure we have strong enforcement of sensible regulations that protect our water supply and preserve our environment in the process.”

“In addition to locking up dangerous criminals, Patrick knows that the Attorney General has a responsibility to protect our natural resources and water supplies,” Hanger said. “Patrick is tough and aggressive. He knows that law enforcement means taking action before Pennsylvania families are harmed or exploited.”

“John Hanger is one of Pennsylvania’s leading voices on public health and safety and throughout his career, he has shaped public policy to protect Pennsylvania families. Nationally, Secretary Hanger is a trusted authority on environmental protection, renewable energy and consumer protection,” Murphy said. “I’m honored to have his support and I look forward to working with him to make Pennsylvania an even better place to work and live.”

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