Wednesday, October 07, 2009

PA Firms at Fed Energy Forum

From the inbox:

America needs a comprehensive energy plan to regain control of its energy future, revitalize its economy, and break a dependence on oil that threatens our prosperity, our environment, and our national security, top Obama Administration officials said today. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, and Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change Carol Browner headlined a Clean Energy Economy Forum on the campus of the White House with business leaders from around the country.

Stressing the need to jump-start the American clean energy sector in order to ensure continued leadership in the global economy, the officials reiterated the President’s call for comprehensive energy and climate legislation. They also answered questions and solicited the unique perspective of business leaders who have first-hand experience creating jobs while contributing to American energy independence.

“If we create the right incentives on energy, it will drive demand for clean energy and efficiency that will foster the creation of new businesses and the jobs that come with them,” said Secretary Locke.

Putting action behind his message that moving aggressively to a clean energy economy is crucial to America's competitiveness, Secretary Chu announced that the Department of Energy will be issuing billions of dollars in loan guarantees for renewable energy. But, he added, further action is needed.

“Comprehensive energy legislation will unleash the American innovation machine to create new industries and clean sources of energy to power our economy," Chu said. “It is the single most important step we can take to secure our economic prosperity and leave a healthier planet for future generations.”

Today’s forum builds on a series of events held at the White House complex and around the country to continue the dialogue about energy and climate policy with a diverse array of stakeholders. Cabinet Secretaries and other leading Administration officials have held Clean Energy Economy forums with Governors in Colorado, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. They have also hosted briefings on the White House campus for a range of attendees including veterans, state legislators, environmental advocates, and business leaders.

“Key stakeholders and major segments of the American business community are signaling their support for comprehensive energy legislation,” said Carol Browner. “It’s time to build the clean energy economy that will keep America competitive and secure.”

Pennsylvania firms listed as attending:

Blue Hill Partners LLC, Philadelphia, PA
Element Partners, Radnor,PA
Energy Coordinating Agency, Philadelphia, PA
Gamesa, Philadelphia, PA
ImbuTec, Pittsburgh, PA
Inventive Development, Inc., Bryn Mawr, PA
Komax Solar, York, PA
Limbach Facility Services, Pittsburgh, PA
Vox Energy Solutions, Pittsburgh, PA

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