Sunday, October 04, 2009

Business Roundup

A miscellany of Pennsylvania business related items from the stack of newspapers I cleaned off the dining room table today:

From the Wall Street Journal 9/28, "Top small workplaces 2009," by kelly K. Spors. Two PA firms are listed: Analytical Graphics, In. (industry: aerospace and defense software) in Easton; also Railroad Associates corp (railroad engineering and contracting) in Hershey.

"Lower literacy limits half of Phila. workforce, study finds," by Jane M. Von Berger in the Inky 6/28, we learn that "more than half of Philadelphia's working-age adults, about 550,000 people, cannot handle the basic arithmetic and reading necessary to succeed in the majority of jobs in the city." This is bad news.

"Pennsylvania officials said yesterday that a south Korean comapny intends to pen facilities in Philadelphia an din the Pittsburgh area to assemble and distribute electric vehicles." (From "S. Korean automaker plans sites in Phila. and Pittsburgh," by Reid Kanaley, Inky 9/26. That is good news!

In "Wind farms set Wall Street aflutter," by Russell Gold, Wall Street Journal 8/31, mentions that "Even capital-constrained financial giant Citigroup has been drawn to wind power. In August, it made a $120 million investment in a large wind farm under construction in the rolling hills of northern Pennsylvania. The project, called Armenia Mountain by developer AS Corp. will deliver 100.5 megawatts of power-generation capacity from 67 turbines, each the size of a 20-story building."

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