Monday, June 25, 2007

Anthony and the Reverend

The past few weeks my commute home has been enlivened by some beautiful singing. Anthony and the Reverend have staked out a spot in my usual train station. Last week I forked over $10 to buy one of his cd's. Some are only $5; I bought the deluxe complete set. Today Dan Rubin wrote a column ("Balancing rights of freedom to sing") for the Inky about the duo, Anthony Riley and Robby Torres. They're having some legal trouble for singing in Rittenhouse Square.

Unlike many bloggers I don't talk much (or at all) about music. Mostly because I have it on good authority that I have a tin ear. Sad to say most music just goes right past me without making much of an impression. It's nice to have the radio on sometimes, especially if its a station that plays songs I can recognize. I buy maybe 3 cds a year.

That Anthony and the Reverend stopped me long enough not just to listen but to actually part with money is kind of amazing. I don't think the cd does them justice; it probably wasn't made at the best of recording accomodations and certainly not with the kind of acoustics you can find in a train station.

In any event, I hope Anthony and the Rittenhouse residents can work things out. Oh, and if you get a chance, listen to Anthony sing.


bongobimbo said...

I absolutely agree!! I'm an old hag, 71 years old, a musician from the age of 5 in classical, rock, jazz, folk & early music, and a community, peace & veteran activist (a lot like you, Jane). These guys are wonderful! They are consummate musicians as individuals and a perfectly blended team. I was passing through Market East yesterday, got stopped in my tracks by the music, and ended up staying 2 hours just to listen to the best buskers I ever heard. Yep, I bought the DC, too--and when they get their website up (, hopefully they can be contacted to perform at some of our antiwar rallies.

Don't you love buskers?

AboveAvgJane said...


I do indeed love buskers. Glad you like Anthony and the Reverend. Thanks for telling us about the website. I asked the guy who is usually with them if Anthony is planning on trying out for American Idol again this year. He said yes, on the 27th. I'll post a note about that and the website closer to the time. Thanks for stopping by!!