Monday, April 16, 2007

Montco Commissioner Polling

This may be old news but it showed up on my doorstep again. On January 16 and 17 Global Strategy Group conducted a survey of 400 randomly selected voters in Montgomery County, likely to vote in the county commissioner's race. It was a computer assisted telephone interview with an error of plus or minus 4.9 points.

At the time of the survey if incumbent Democratic county commissioner Ruth Damsker and Democratic challenger Joe Hoeffel were running against incumbent Republican commissioners Jim Matthews and Tom Ellis the results would have been:

Hoeffel / 53%
Damsker / 34%
Matthews / 34%
Ellis / 27%

If Damsker and Hoeffel ran against Republican challengers Bruce Castor and Melissa Murphy-Weber the results would have been:

Hoeffel / 48%
Castor / 41%
Damsker / 32%
Murphy-Weber / 25%

Now that the candidates have been chosen and we have Damsker and Hoeffel running against Castor and Matthews it looks like Hoeffel and Castor are the frontrunners with Damsker running neck and neck with Matthews for the third spot.

Of course, all sorts of things could happen between now and November; this is just a snapshot.

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LVDem said...

so the question becomes whether the GOP activists who couldn't stand matthews can bring themselves to vote for Ruth? I don't know the answer, but I think that's the way to phrase the question.