Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shop Local: Valentines Edition

Every year I stare at the selection of Valentines available for class parties. They are always character-related, based in tv shows, movies, etc. I always find that a little depressing. Today, in the local mom and pop grocery I found a rack of Valentines that weren't character related. There were horses (yippee!), monkeys (yay!) and cheerleaders (eh). According to the side of the box they are distributed by Paper Magic Group, Inc. of (drum roll) Scranton, PA. I checked the website and found they distribute a wide range of products, including a lot of character based Valentines, too. There are two sites for Paper Magic. The Scranton site handles Christmas and Valentines. The company is owned by CSS Industries, which is located in, get this, Philadelphia!!!

If you are buying Valentines cards this year (or other holiday cards and materials at other times of the year), check the side of the box. If it says Paper Magic, at least part of the purchase price stays in state.

Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled political coverage, probably something on the senate race, but maybe something else entirely.

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John Featherman said...

Best Valentine's Day card I ever received was from my grandmother, who drew a picture of me and her in colorful rustic scenery. She didn't have much money, and she made the card from heavy card stock that she used as scrap paper. I still have it in a scrapbook. It's over 30 years old, and I appreciate it more every year, because I increasingly appreciate the efforts she made. She could have bought a card, but, instead, she took the time and care to make me something special.

John Featherman
Republican Candidate, US Senate-PA