Monday, January 30, 2006

News Round Up

A few items for your review:

The Pennacchio / Sandals debate this weekend is reviewed by Albert and at A Smoke-Filled Room.

In the PA-04 Democratic primary race to unseat Melissa Hart in November, both Jason Altmire and Georgia Berners are racking up impressive endorsements.

On another front, the possible Republican gubernatorial primary could wake the sleeping giant and get the Democratic field troops out in force in the suburban areas. This could spell trouble for two incumbent Republican congressmen. Note this paragraph from a recent Washington Post article:

Two of the most vulnerable GOP incumbents, Reps. Michael G. Fitzpatrick and Jim Gerlach, represent southeastern counties around Philadelphia, and could be swept out of office by a particularly ferocious Rendell tide, said Republicans and Democrats who are watching the two races. Another Republican who could feel the pressure is Rep. Melissa Hart, who represents a district northwest of Pittsburgh that includes heavily Democratic Beaver County, another Rendell stronghold.

This could be good news for Patrick Murphy and Lois Murphy, who are battling Fitzpatrick and Gerlach respectively (see sidebar for more information on each).


Disciple Dan said...

I forsee you and me hooking up in bed baby

AboveAvgJane said...

I don't.

LVDem said...


Some people.

howard said...


Off-subject, but I'm sure you'll be interested: Update on Latoya Byrd

ACM said...

I don't know about the Rendell Tide, but I think that the anti-Santorum Tsunami might carry some other Dems in its wake...