Friday, September 20, 2013

SEPTA Hackathon

modified press release:

This weekend SEPTA will team up with other agencies and the local tech community to develop apps and other online tools designed to provide riders with new options for accessing SEPTA and other transit-related information.  Public participants include Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, Philadelphia International Airport, Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Parking Authority.  
SEPTA’s Developer Network was launched to build partnerships between SEPTA and the local tech community, with the goal of fostering the growth of apps and other online tools. SEPTA data, such as schedules and on-time performance information, has been a keen point of interest in the development of apps and other online tools aimed at giving riders travel and other SEPTA-related information. The Developer Network allows SEPTA IT personnel to work with local tech talent – often through events such as “hackathons” – to provide the data in an easy format. This gives developers easy access to the information they need, and allows SEPTA to make sure they are giving riders accurate information through the applications they create. For more information, visit

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