Friday, August 24, 2012

Poor Word Choices

Must be something in the water.  Elected officials are opening mouth, inserting foot at an amazing rate.  Our friends at PoliticsPA mention two such incidents in their Morning Buzz today. 

Republican Congressman Jim Gerlach's campaign sent out a press release saying of his opponent, Dr. Manan Trivedi, " The listening tour actually allowed him to quickly get a handle on just what voters in this foreign district care about most."  The use of the word "foreign" is controversial as Dr. Trivedi is the son of Indian immigrants.  Trivedi served as a battalion surgeon in the Iraq War.

State Rep. Mark Cohen, while being asked during a radio interview about the nearly $40,000 he received in per diems in 2011, said the interviewer, "hates legislators the way the Nazis hated Jews.”  [deep sigh]

It's a lesson we all have to learn repeatedly, so let's go over it again:  think before speaking.

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