Monday, February 18, 2008

Robert Traynham Week Last Week

Last week it appears to have been Robert Traynham Week. Who, you may ask, is Robert Traynham? He's a Pennsylvania native, (Lansdowne?), graduate of Cheyney University. Then the world of politics beckoned. He worked in the Clinton White House and then wound up in Sen. Santorum's office for 10 years, eventually as communications director and deputy chief of staff. Traynham is now the DC Bureau Chief for CN8 and has his own interview show. Those who keep track of political trivia may remember the minor media dustup when it was made public that his personal inclinations were more Log Cabin Republican than Santorum Republican, though the senator stood by his man admirably.

Capitol Ideas has a short interview with Traynham.

There is also an interview in the February issue of Politics magazine.

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