Friday, April 08, 2005

Line Jump and Die?

Mr. Jane has been strongly suggesting lately that we take the little Janes to a nationally known theme park in Florida (which I will not mention by name for fear of being sued). He seems to feel that their little psyches will be stunted if we deny them this all-American (indeed, international) experience. I point out that neither of us have ever been there. He smiles in a sad and knowing way.

However, news reports of bills that have passed the Florida State House and State Senate, broadening the circumstances under which people can use deadly force without facing criminal charges gives me pause. I'm not very coordinated at the best of times. What happens if I jostle someone in line for that little teacup ride? I can't find my own car in a parking lot, let alone a rental. What happens if I mistakenly approach a car that looks like the one we rented and someone finds my actions threatening? Heck, I scared the daylights out of a judicial candidate just last week and all I was doing then was stepping off my own front porch. If we were in Florida and he were armed who knows what might have happened.

In any event, I am adding this to the list of reasons why we should stay home.

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