Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sheamus Bonner's Rescue Mission on Bosnia

Sheamus Bonner is running for the State House in Delaware County's 163rd district.  Bonner is a 19 year veteran, including a tour of duty in Bosnia and Hezegovenia.  A 2002 issue of the Talon newsletter records a routine mission that became decidedly non-routine.  Five US soldiers, including Bonner, were showing a group of Scottish soldiers around the area when a small group of people flagged them down and pointed to a car that was submerged in water.  Bonner and the others rescued a family from a car that had gone off a bridge.  As Sgt. Thomas Farley, Jr., writes in the Dec. 19th issue:

“I cut the woman out of her seat restraints and Chris (Heyman), Leo (Robert) and I dragged her to dry ground,” said Bonner. “One of the Scots – Cpl. Williams, I think – felt her neck and was able to detect a weak pulse. She must have been underwater for five minutes or more, but she was still alive!”

You can read the entire article "Scottish, US Soldiers Save Life," online, see page 7 of the 8 page pdf.  It's an exciting story.

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