Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clearing the Record

I've had to correct two posts in the past few weeks.

Yesterday I posted a blog entry on Montgomery County candidates. I mentioned Eileen Behr had won a special election to become current county sheriff. A reader left a comment correcting me. Past sheriff John P. Durante died in office in February, 2010. Alfred Ricci served as acting sheriff until April, 2011 when Gov. Corbett recommended Ms. Behr to be appointed sheriff until the Nov. 2011 elections. Later in April the State Senate approved Ms. Behr's appointment. In May, 2011 she won a contested primary and will be on the ballot in the fall election as the Republican candidate for office. I knew the previous sheriff had died in office and Behr was filling out his term. I saw mentions of the primary and confused it with a special election. My mistake.

On August 15th I wrote a blog entry describing an event held at Roman Delight in Abington. I raved about their deep dish pizza, which is fine except what I had eaten was Sicilian pizza not deep dish. I consider these sophisticated foods and often get this mixed up. Again, my mistake and the entry has been corrected.

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