Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meehan: Ask Tom Corbett About That

One interesting note from the press conference called by Pat Meehan, Republican candidate for 7th congressional district. Meehan tried to tie Democratic opponent Bryan Lentz to bonusgate. PA2010 reports and has video that shows a reporter asking Meehan a question:

Asked why Lentz was never accused of wrongdoing by Attorney General Tom Corbett, Meehan said: “I don’t know about that. That’s a good question to ask [Corbett].”

Now, is he suggesting that Corbett missed something in his investigation or that Corbett purposefully overlooked something? Corbett is the Republican candidate for governor and one of his campaign points is his work on bonusgate. If other Republican candidates are questioning the thoroughness or accuracy of his investigation, what does that say about his work? Either Meehan was not prepared for this question, and it would seem a logical question to ask given what Meehan was saying, or he questions the credibility of Corbett's investigation. It doesn't speak well of Meehan's view of Corbett.

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Anonymous said...

Heh. Sounds like Meehan is saying "I got nothing, but ask Tom. Hopefully he has my back on this one"

MC's coverage of Lentz dissecting Meehan's claims make it sound like Pat went of half-cocked and the event backfired for him.