Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gov Candidates Agriculture Policies

This week there has been a lot of press about the Pennsylvania Farm Show. In keeping with that I took a look a the agricultural issue statements on gubernatorial candidates' web sites. There was nothing listed for Chris Doherty or Jack Wagner. Tom Knox has a brief agriculture policy on his site. The other Democratic candidates did have something on agriculture.

Joe Hoeffel has a 2 page policy. Don Onorato has a 6 page policy (but the font is larger). There is some overlap. Both acknowledge the expected retirement of many of Pennsylvania's farmers, and as most farms in the commonwealth are family and not corporate, this will have serious repercussions. Both suggest that increased education in education farming and related areas, at community colleges and high schools. Onorato throws in a shout out to 4H and FFA programs. Both pledge to restore cuts to the state's Department of Agriculture.

Hoeffel mentions the Growing Greener program and proposes an excise tax on natural gas extraction. Onorato mentions the Clean and Green law and suggests encouraging farms to use more green technology. Onorato goes into more detail on more programs. Both promise a lot more money.

Republican Tom Corbett does not have any issue statements on his site so no comparisons are possible.

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