Sunday, September 20, 2009

The 2009 Center for Progressive Leadership Fellows

The Center for Progressive Leadership runs a Pennsylvania Political Leaderships Fellows program each year. It is a nine month part-time program for emerging leaders in politics and advocacy. Previous fellows are an impressive group and this year's class looks equally promising. These are folks to watch for. A special shout out to a few, though all are worthy:

Rebecca Cesarz does great blogger outreach.

Matthew Goldfine is the chief of staff for State Rep. Tim Briggs. Someone in Briggs' family makes the best rice krispie treats in the world and I'm blatantly sucking up in hopes of getting a chance to eat another one.

Kelly Green has done a wonderful job as the president of the Board of the League of Women Voters of Philadelphia.

Andrea Lawful-Trainer is a dynamo. Do NOT get in this woman's way.


kelly said...

Thank you 'Above Average Jane". I am grateful for your comments. I also couln't agree more about Andrea! Rebecca & Matt are outstanding people, to say the least!

The CPL class is exceptional this year... if I must say so myself!

Again, I am grateful for your recognition.

Be well.

AboveAvgJane said...


Thanks for stopping by. The class certainly does look exceptional, yourself included!.

Andrea said...

'Above AverageJane',
this is Andrea Lawful Trainer. I am humbled by your comments and wanted you to know that this passion of mine runs DEEPLY for the children and Parents in the educational system. It is the determination that Parents are recognized for the value they bring in the process and that ALL children are given a fair shot in the system at doing well.. I could go on but please know that CPL has served to energize me even more if that is humanly possible!! Check the other Fellows, they are an incredible group!

AboveAvgJane said...


You prove my point. ;)