Monday, December 04, 2006

Translation Quiz for Presumed State House Speaker DeWeese

Just in time, Alison Hawkes of the Intelligencer has published an article called "New House speaker needs a translator," which provides a list of comments by presumed new Pennsylvania Speaker of the State House Rep. Bill DeWeese, with options for their meaning. I didn't do so well. You can try your luck. Maybe the house will appoint a speaker who doesn't believe in secret leadership slush funds and doesn't need a translator and didn't demote people for voting against the July, 2005 pay raise?


ACM said...

I got 5/6 -- what was that pajama thing?!?


AboveAvgJane said...

You got me. I've seen some wowzers in the House Journals. My favorite so far is when the House was still in session late in the evening and he started talking about the political philosophy of Otto von Bismarck. I was home with my feet up and it was annoying. To those who were in the room with him and dearly wanting to go home it must have been maddening.

its mortgage magic said...

you had me at hello! Ha ha ha... cody