Saturday, December 02, 2006

News Round Up

A few tidbits from the inbox, the mailbox, and things tucked inside the screen door:

The folks at Clean Water Action would like you to write your congressperson and urge them to pass the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act when they reconvene in January.

Pro-Choice America has released a report called Winning the Pro-Choice Swing Vote: NARAL’s Pro-Choice Positive Impact on the 2006 Elections which includes data on PA-08 and PA-07.

Evan Bayh's All America PAC is conducting a short survey to give online activists an opportunity to weigh in on the issues they care about the most. I looked at the first page and wow! are they on target for collecting useful data. They do ask for your opinion on issues but they also ask how you were active in the last election (wrote a letter, attended a fundraiser, hosted a house party, etc) and your email. Useful data to have if you hope to build a grassroots movement.

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