Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rothenberg Rates PA House Races

This past Tuesday, the Rothenberg Political Report released their rankings of 2006 House races. Four Pennsylvania races were listed.

In the "Pure Toss Up" category we find the 6th congressional district, currently represented by Republican incumbent Jim Gerlach, who faces Democratic challenger Lois Murphy. In the 7th congressional district it's Republican incumbent Curt Weldon against Democratic challenger Joe Sestak.

In the "Toss Up / Tilt Republican" category Rothberg lists another two congressional districts. In the 8th, Republican incumbent Mike Fitzpatrick faces Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy. In the 10th, Republican incumbent Don Sherwood is finding himself having to fend off Democrat Chris Carney.

Gerlach narrowly defeated Lois Murphy two years ago and their rematch is expected to be close again this year. Weldon, Fitzpatrick, and Sherwood seemed to expect easy victories. All three have found themselves in for a fight against Fighting Dems. Sestak, Patrick Murphy, and Carney are all veterans who are making the Iraq War a central part of their campign.


phillydem said...

Sherwood normally should be coasting to victory, but he's not because that's what happens when you have an extramarital affair then beat up your mistress when she calls 911 and then lie about the whole thing to your constituents.

AboveAvgJane said...

Very true. Normally that just gets your car set on fire and all your belongings thrown out on the lawn. ;)