Tuesday, August 29, 2006

PA on Bill Maher

This past Friday was the season premiere of Bill Maher's tv show. Pennsylvania politics was mentioned twice. Maher referred to Curt Weldon's comment about fighting terrorists in our grocery stores. Max Cleland was one of the panelists and he mentioned that he would be back in Pennsylvania at the end of Sept. to campaign for John Murtha (press release). Cleland has also campaigned for suburban Philadelphia candidates Bryan Lentz (161st state house), Paul Lang (6th state senate) and Patrick Murphy (8th congressional district). No word on whether or not he will stop by our area on his next trip.


Anonymous said...

If you want to know more on the Cleland mention, go to www.vetsformurtha.org I am definitly going to support Jack and stop this smear campaign.

Roger MacIntyre said...

I went to that site listed above it was really interesting...did anyone catch Cleland on the Oberman report? He had some great things to say about Murtha...Where is the article on that?