Saturday, August 12, 2006

PA in the WSJ

A few tidbits from the Wall Street Journal concerning our fair state:

"Incumbents appear on the outs with voters," by Jeanne Cummings (8/10/06, p. A4). Here are the relevant PA parts:

In Pennsylvania, a backlash against the state legislature for its late-night approval of a pay raise, as well as anger over other issues, prompted voters there to toss out 17 state legislative incumbents in a May primary.


For example, public unease in Pennsylvania has four U.S. House Republicans and Republican Sen. Rick Santorum scrambling to protect their political careers from strong Democratic challengers and a concerned state electorate.


Brian Nick, a spokesman for the National Republic Senatorial Committee, said his incumbents are being advised to focus their campaings on local issues. That's why Mr. Santorum in Pennsylvania is talking about his work to pass a Child Custody Act, and Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, also facing a tough race, is talking about the Water Settlement Act.

In this atmosphere, incumbents can't even find comfort in their bulging campaign kitties. Mr. Lieberman, Ms. McKinney and Mr. Schwarz raised more money than their opponents and still lost.

I love it when that happens.


"Vishay names M*A*S*H actor to the board," (8/11/06), p. 11

Wayne M. Rogers, known to generations of television fans as Capt. "Trapper John" McIntyre from "M*A*S*H," is joining the board of semiconductor masker Vishay Intertechnology Inc.

Vishay is based in Malvern and trades on NYSE as VSH. (Lawyer note: I do not individually own stock in this company, nor does anyone in my household, although it may be represented in commercial retirement products whose holdings I do not follow carefully.)

About a year ago I was visiting a sibling and saw Wayne Rogers on a tv investing show. When I scoffed the sib told me that Rogers had become a real money whiz. Another sign that there is a second life out there for all us.

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