Wednesday, August 16, 2006

National Journal House Race Hotline (PA is hot!)

The National Journal has released their latest House Race Hotline. Four PA races show up on the top 30. We had more house races in the top 30 than any other state.

PA-06 has moved up from #4 to #3. Incumbent Republican Jim Gerlach faces Democratic challenger Lois Murphy. National Journal comment: The entire Northeast looks like it's going to be rough going for the Republicans. And no district better represents the GOP's problems there than this one

PA-08 had the most dramatic shift, from #26 to #15. Incumbent Republican Mike Fitzpatrick faces Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy. National Journal comment: Fitzpatrick is distancing himself from Bush on Iraq, Social Security and, well, whatever else he can think of (except stem cells).

PA-07 moved up one from #17 to #16. Incumbent Republican Curt Weldon faces Democratic challenger Joe Sestak. National Journal comment: Sestak's gotten some bad press from his military history, and he's being stubborn in not taking advice from consultants. Still, the Dem wave in Philly may be too much for Weldon to sustain.

PA-10 moved up 4, from #29 to #25. Incumbent Republican Don Sherwood faces Democratic challenger Chris Carney. National Journal comment: Carney is not a gadfly candidate, and the stories of Sherwood's personal problems have circulated. If Carney can keep from being painted as a typical liberal, he should have a decent shot.

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