Monday, October 31, 2005

Parties Today, Strike Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be venturing out into the commuting nightmares I've heard so much about due to the SEPTA strike. (I support the SEPTA workers, by the way.) Today, though, I took a vacation day and spent most of it in my kids' school for Halloween parties or preparing for them. Contrary to popular belief, if you set out fruits and vegetable (along with the brownies and cookies) they will be eaten. You always read about kids not wanting their parents to be around but the little Janes (and other school kids, if they their parents are to be believed) really like it when their parents are in evidence at school events. No special skills required just show up. Amazing. I'm sure that this too will pass but I want to enjoy it while is lasts.

As a word to the wise, if anyone gets temporary insanity next year and invites more than a dozen costumed children to their house for a party some weekend in October, make sure you check weapons at the door.

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