Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Lois Murphy in the Money

Capitol Ideas had this to say today, regarding campaign finance reports:

New Federal Campaign Finance Reports ...
... show why the 6th Congressional District rematch between Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach, and Democrat Lois Murphy could be one of the hardest fought in the country next year. Murphy turned in one of the strongest showings of any Democratic House challenger during the third quarter, coming within $170 of Republican incumbent Jim Gerlach. Murphy raised $330,236 for the period that ended Sept. 30, while Gerlach brought in $330,406. But Gerlach still had a substantial advantage in cash on hand, with $912,000 compared to $350,000 for Murphy.

Be afraid, Rep. Gerlach, be very afraid.

The Inky had this to say recently:

Unlike most of those Northeastern Republicans, Gerlach has an uneven
record on environmental and energy issues. Why? It's rarely a failure to
grasp issues. But he's in a closely divided district, where he almost
lost the last election. In the bare-knuckle world of partisan politics,
that tends to make a representative more dependent on party leaders for
election-time help and thus more susceptible to arm-twisting by the
DeLays of the world.

This is also the guy who said this past July that he doesn't think his constituents know who Tom DeLay is. While that is likely to be, in part, true, it isn't something people running for office usually say. It just doesn't look good in the opponents ads. (For example: Jim Gerlach, friend of indicted Tom DeLay, and under investigation Karl Rove, thinks the voters in his district are ignorant of current events. Lois Murphy doesn't.)

The possibilities are endless.


Ol Cranky said...

This voter is well aware of Gerlach's record to the point I gag every time I pass his headquarters. I will be glad to be rid of him ASAP.

AboveAvgJane said...

I hope you will be rejoicing at a victory party next November.

Anonymous said...

What you have overlooked in your postings last year is the fact that Lois is not running alone in this campaign. Everyone is focusing on money, but campaigns aren't won or lost on money alone. Murphy is running against Mike Leibowitz, a charismatic, enthusiastic, smart and articulate guy who actually wants to make changes. He drafted a universal health care plan and forward-looking energy plan while Murphy PLAGIARIZED her ethics plan!!! Plus, she's a lobbyist, and she lost last time around, even though PA-6 voted for Kerry. She ain't our gal - she's all hot air. Mike Leibowitz definitely gets my vote this November. Check out to see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Lois Murphy her issue statements on her website are so vague they might as well have left the space for more pictures. The list of people who have endorsed her might provide clues to where she stands. If that is true then the gay community had better be careful because there are people on her list that supported the state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Where does Lois stand on marriage equality or civil unions? No one really knows because she has been avoiding the gay community and gay organizations like they have communicable diseases. There are no answers from her about where she stands. The only thing we know for certain is that she dislikes her opponent. Politicians rarely change their tactics or their values and if Murphy won't work with the gay community before the election then we can only expect that if she wins she will continue to be dismissive of it after the election.


Anonymous said...

"the gay community had better be careful because there are people on her list..." OH GOD, this is crap. Just because someone is friendly with another DOES NOT MEAN they both agree on every issue & think the same way. It is constant negative thinking like this that doesn't help anyone. She's a Democrat, that alone means she's smarter then any radical Republican. AND PLAGIARISM!!! Please... If that is plagiarism then then I guess anything ever said or done by any politician must be as well.