Thursday, October 29, 2015

Which State Representatives Make Their Expense Reports Public?

I've done this research before, and earlier this month posted a similar note on state senators.  State representatives have the option of making their office expense reports public, what they spend on rent, postage, staff, etc.  A list of state reps who do this are listed below.

I started with list of members of the PA state house from the state's web site, then used the caucus pages (, to find links to each state rep's page, then went through clicking on each link.  I scanned the links on the home page, and looked at the subject categories on the menu bars, mousing over them to see what options, if any, were on the submenu.  It is possible that expense listings are buried further on a site, but, honestly, if it takes more than two clicks to find it people aren't going to drill down far enough to find them.

Most state reps who list their expenses do so for months or years, some provide reports for all years they have been in office.  It is impressive.  Others list only the current month.  A few are in a separate "partial" category -- people who have some reports listed but aren't current.

As a Democrat I find the party distribution disheartening.  In this regard, it is clear, the Republicans are the party of transparency.  C'mon, Dems!, get it together and post your report!  It is also disheartening to see that some state reps I think very highly of don't make their expense reports public.

I make an effort to provide the due diligence necessary to provide accurate information.  However it is always possible that I missed something or made an error.  If so, I apologize.

Here is the list of state representatives who make their expense reports public:

House Representatives who list their expenses online

Madeleine Dean (D-153)
Jaret Gibbons (D-10)
Sid Michaels Kavulich (D-114)
Patty Kim (D-103)
Kevin J. Schreiber (D-95)

Stephen Bloom (R-199)
Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-108), current month only
Bryan Cutler (R-100)
Russ Diamond (R-102)
Joe Emrick (R-137)
Harold A. English (R-30)
Mindy Fee (R-37)
Matt Gabler (R-75)
Keith Gillespie (R-47)
Keith Greiner (R-43)
Seth Grove (R-196)
Susan Helm (R-104) (last posted is June 2015)
David S. Hickernell (R-98)
Fred  Keller (R-85), current month only
Kate A. Klunk (R-169), June – Aug 2015 only
John Maher (R-40), his reports look a little different from other reports
Kurt Masser (R-107), last posted is June 2015
John McGinnis (R-79)
Steven C. Mentzer (R-97), current month only
Brett R Miller (R-41)
Mark Mustio (R-44)
Justin Simmons (R-131)

Jim Christiana (R-15), 2009-2014 (March?)
Mauree Gingrich (R-101), only April 2015
Kristin Hill (R-93), has links but they don’t work
John A. Lawrence (R-13), only July 2015
Jim Marshall (R-14), 2012-2014

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