Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Zivtech a Top System Integrator

Back in the day when Young Philly Politics was the top political blog in the city I read it mostly for the political news, but also for the comments.  One conversation point I especially enjoyed was the banter between or about two brothers who were among those who set up and ran the site.

One of them is now a rising tech entrepreneur, having co-founded Zivtech, an open source software programming firm.  It is now one of the city's thriving small nerd firms.  Who knows, maybe it's the next Microsoft.

Zivtech was mentioned in this week's Philadelphia Business Journal as one of Philadelphia's exceptional system integrators for 2015.  System integrators pull together existing hardware and software products to come up with streamlined, cost efficient solutions to solve business programs faster (or at least that's what the press release said).

Here's how the business describes itself:

Zivtech, founded in 2008, is a Philadelphia web design and web development shop. Our jawn is open source software programming.  Zivtech works with healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, publishing, government, startups, and nonprofits. Zivtech partners with leading digital companies, including Acquia, to deliver reliable websites and web applications to organizations worldwide. The Hebrew term “ziv” translates to the light that comes from a candle: radiance, beauty, and seeing something new. Zivtech illuminates technology.

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