Sunday, December 08, 2013

Jared Solomon Launches Campaign

Jared Solomon officially launched his campaign for the 202nd state house district today.  The 202nd includes Castor Gardens, Oxford Circle, Wissinoming, Burholme, Lawncrest, Lawndale, and Summerdale.

The campaign bio that accompanied the press release is:

Jared Solomon is a lifelong resident of Northeast Philadelphia who is firmly dedicated to serving his community and his country. An Army JAG Reserve Officer, community leader, and good government advocate, Jared has the courage and integrity to fight for the Northeast in the halls of Harrisburg. Jared has a strong history of representing the people of Lower Northeast on the front lines—and getting results. Concerned about his neighborhood, Jared launched a community group, Take Back Your Neighborhood (TBYN), out of his mother’s kitchen five years ago. Today, more than 500 members strong, TBYN is a thriving organization responsible for everything from block clean-ups, to youth programs, to reducing crime in collaboration with local police.
 Raised in Castor Gardens, Jared always remembered the neighborhood that brought him up.  Jared has remained committed to “bringing out the best” of the Northeast, starting with investing in its youth through local schools, recreation centers, and libraries.  Jared has helped spur investment on major commercial corridors—organizing cleanups and securing investments in infrastructure improvements and adding trash and recycling receptacles.  In short, while other politicians talk—Jared does. 
A graduate of Swarthmore College and Villanova Law School, Jared worked as a top strategist for Congressman Joe Sestak, after years of public service for Controller Alan Butkovitz and the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus. Jared is a skilled attorney with experience in education law, securities and antitrust, election reform, and human rights.  Jared is running for the 202nd Legislative seat to bring real leadership to the Lower Northeast and to Harrisburg. 

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