Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ed Rendell and Marco Rubio

This Thursday, July 11, America's Mayor and former PA Governor Ed Rendell is in the news again.  This is the text of a press conference announcement.  The event is in DC so it may not get a lot of local press.

 former Pennsylvania Gov. and Co-Chair of Campaign to Fix the Debt, Ed RendellSen. Marco Rubio, and Sen. Ted Cruz will keynote Concerned Veterans for America and The Weekly Standard’s second ‘Defend & Reform’ Breakfast Event.
The federal government will soon hit yet another grim fiscal milestone—$17 trillion in national debt.  Sadly, these milestones just tick past as Americans have grown accustomed to Washington's spending addiction.  However, this type of overspending cannot continue without threatening our economic health and ability to keep our country safe.  Concerned Veterans for America believes only spending reform—across the government and including everyone's “sacred cows”—can put this country on sound financial footing.


retsam369@verizon.net said...

Why In the world are you wasting ink and time on a "HAS BEEN" and a "FUTURE HAS BEEN?"

AboveAvgJane said...

This is a one person blog and I post on things that seem interesting to me. This seemed interesting. BTW, no ink was involved in this blogpost.