Friday, March 31, 2006

Patrick Murphy Petition Challenge Squashed

Judge Robert Simpson ruled today on Jane Faust's challenge to Patrick Murphy's nomination petitions in PA-08. Faust's objection was that the cadidate filed a false affadavit without providing specifics. She tried to raise specific challenges on the March 30th, but amending the challenge later than 7 days after the filing deadline is not allowed. The challenge was "denied and dismissed." (see full opinion here, on politicspa).

Given Faust's previous experience with falsifying petitions and with politics generally (see this post) one might expect she would have known what sort of objection was required. Murphy's primary opponent, Andy Warren, did not file the objection but he didn't make in public statements against it either. With his often mentioned long history of elected office and government service, he might be expected to have looked into this a little further and perhaps suggest the challenge be dropped.

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