Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nice Nametags, GOP

This past week the National Republic Congressional Caucus met and I happened to be in the same place they were for a few hours. The faces were friendly but reserved. The suits were quality but not flashy. I saw one fur coat and one sparkly long dress. What I was most impressed with, though, were the nametags. The person's first name was in BIG letters with their full name and state in much smaller letters underneath. So upon seeing someone across the room you could have a conversation with them, using first names, but to find out their last name and where they were from you had to get within handshaking distance or closer, depending on your eyesight. (Someone I used to work with called this "nipple gazing" because of the usual placement of nametags on the chest.) Not that I was mingling with the bigwigs, mind you, we were just sharing hallways, bathrooms and common spaces for a brief time. Everyone in my group was scurrying to get out before "W" arrived to address the NRCC and the roads were all shut down. As I left the black sedans and guys with wires coming out of their ears were already setting up shop on the adjacent intersections. It was an interesting experience and they seemed like a nice crowd.

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