Monday, December 21, 2015

Another PA Budget Embarrassment

I haven't said much about the state budget situation, simply because there are very few things to say.  It is a national embarrassment, a disaster, and is causing real harm to the commonwealth's schools and social service agencies.  As I said on twitter, when / if this is solved, the first state senator or representative that brags about the budget gets hit with a spitwad.

Today's addition to the budgetary swill comes to us from PennLive ("With budget deadlocked House Repubs try to squeeze Tom Wolf," by John Micek, 12/20).  The article points out emails sent from one House Republican to another planning ways to ensure money for government is paid but money for schools is not necessarily paid.

Just infuriating!!!!

We are past the point where any solution is a win for anyone.

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