Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Three Media Notes

An assortment of media / literature notes:

Betsy Fisher Martin is joining More Magazine.  I used to subscribe because there was usually at least one politically related article in each issue and then at some point it seemed to fall back into the standard fashion / makeup / relationship black hole that so many publications aimed at women inhabit.  I let my subscription lapse.  Martin, former "Meet the Press" executive producer is joining the magazine as the Washington editor.  Her addition means More magazine is worth another look.

Patrick Murphy, who represented Pennsylvania's 8th district (primarily Bucks County) for two terms, has a regular show on veterans issues on MSNBC.  On Sunday's show he had a strongly worded response to Michael Moore's comments on the "American Sniper" movie.  (video via PoliticsPA)

Spider Robinson, one of my favorite science fiction writers, has been having a tough time lately.  Every now and then I check his website for updates.  He hasn't published a book in some years and has had health problems.  His latest entry spells out some of the issues he's been dealing with later.  Read this next time you think you are having a bad day.

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